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Penn Senator 114H, 6/0 Aluminum Side Plates

Out of Stock
  • Our 114H Penn 6/0 Aluminum Plate kits will fit the new "topless" style Tiburon frames and the older Tiburon and Accurate frames as well. For the older frames, you will need to use the stock Penn inner rings.

    New style frames are differentiated from their older counterparts by  a topless recess with a lip that the older style does not have. For a visual example of this feature, see it here; New style and Old style options.



    Note to Buyers; Please be absolutely sure that the "style" you are purchasing is for the frame that we have specified above. Return shipping and re-shipping fees will be the sole responsiblity of the purchaser.


    Plate kits come with a color matched Eccentric Lever and a Hardware kit. O-rings and bearings can occasionally wear out or break. Replacements can be found here. Please follow the links below.




    Click here to download build notes

    We also have a Tutorial for building this Reel, go here.

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