Cortez Conversions 114H Side Plate Build

This tutorial is for New Style and Old Style side plates. This build will include an upgrade of the stock gear sleeve with our Cortez Conversions Stainless Steel Gear sleeve.
Also an upgrade to the drag stack, with Ultimate Upgrades 7+1 drag washer system. For the purpose of this build only 7 washers will be used. We recommend using the original 4-115 fiber washer under the main gear, solely because cleaning up shredded drag washer material is well... A drag. Sorry Bryan.
It is also recommended that you visit and download a schematic for the 114H (6/0) Special (Red) for reference.
Fig. 1  An exploded view of our build.
Fig. 2  Left Side Plate with hardware Note: The Nylon washer goes between the clicker button and the outside of the left plate.
Fig. 3 Bearing cup with Bearing and O-ring Installed.
Fig. 4  Left Side Plate assembled
Fig. 5 Right Side Plate with Bearing installed
Eccentric Lever o-ring installation
Fig. 6 Press 1st o-ring on with your finger.
Fig 6A Roll 1st o-ring into the 1st groove.
Fig. 7 Press 2nd o-ring on.
Fig. 7A Roll 2nd o-ring on over 1st o-ring, and into the 2nd groove.
Fig. 8 Both o-rings installed.
Fig. 9 Right Side Plate with Delrin Eccentric Sleeve.
Fig. 10 Right Side Plate with Delrin Eccentric Sleeve assembled.
Fig. 11 Right Side Plate with Eccentric and Eccentric Spring installed
Fig. 12  Right Side Plate with Eccentric Lever assembled. Note: Metal washer between Eccentric Lever and Eccentric Screw.
Fig. 13 Right Side Plate with Yoke, Eccentric Jack, Pinion, and Upper Bridge Screws.
Fig. 14A Right Side Plate with {optional} .125 x 500" SS Dowel pins. These pins will only be used if you have a later manufactured bridge that has two locating holes.
Fig. 15 Bridge with Gear Sleeve, Main gear, and Drag Stack.
Heading 6
Fig. 16 Right Side Plate with Dog, and Dog Spring assembled.
Fig. 17 Right Side Plate Assembled.
Fig. 18 Left Side Plate Attached to Frame.
Fig. 19 Left Side Plate interior attached to frame. Note: Make sure clicker is not engaged before placement of spool.
Fig. 20 Right Side Plate Fully attached to Frame.
Fig. 20A Build Complete.