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The Penn 20/0 Side Plate Project is a custom design and manufacture of aluminum side plates for a one time run of extra wide Penn 16/0, 118 reels, dubbed the "20/0 reel"

Less than 20 kits were made. Kits included a parts package consisting of:

  • Right and left side plates

  • 18 plate screws

  • Clicker assembly

  • Clicker knob

  • Washer

  • Clicker tongue (Dog)

  • Cir-clip

  • Clicker Spring with two mounting screws

  • Delrin Eccentric Bushing

  • Two Bearings

  • Two Bearing cups

  • One anti-reverse dog

  • One anti-reverse spring

  • Optional Stainless Steel main gear sleeve and second anti-reverse dog and spring

The photos below are brought to us by Michael Cacioppo, who did a great job of  detailing his build with pictures. Thanks Michael!


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