Custom Eccentric Levers

  • Our Custom Eccentric Levers are made from 6061-T6 aluminum and anodized in multiple colors. Made to match the colors of our Reel Kits and Side Plates, they will also fit a number of Penn Reels. Please consult list below for the range of reels covered. Due to variance in the anodizing process, we cannot gaurentee an exact color match between the levers and your existing plates.


    Each kit includes one Eccentric Lever, two o-rings and one stainless washer.


    Part# 21-200/21-155

    100M 25

    140L 26

    140-LH 27

    145 155L

    146L 155-LH

    150 160L

    200M 165

    970 180

    980 185 Baymaster

    990 190 (up to 1990)


    Part# 21-49





    Part# 21-114

    114 (6/0)

    115 (9/0)