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All Dogs are made of shock resistant, hardened 17-4 stainless steel.


Mag Tuned Prt# 15-10 anti-reverse dog

Fits model Mag Tuned 10


 Prt# 15-140CC anti-reverse dog

Fits models 140L, 145, 146L


Super Peer Prt# 15-309 anti-reverse dog

Fits models 112H, 112H2, 309M


Jigmaster Prt# 15-500 anti-reverse dog 

Fits models 500, 500L-LH, 500S, 501, 505HS, 506HS


Penn Senator Prt# 15-114 anti-reverse dog 

Fits models 114, 114-LH, 114L2


Penn Senator Prt# 15-113H anti-reverse dog 

Fits models 113H, 113H-LH,113H2, 113H2-LH, 113H2LW, 113H2SP, 113HL, 113HLW, 113HSP.


Penn Senator (6/0) Prt# 114H anti-reverse dog 

Fits All versions of the 114H.


Penn Senator (9/0) Prt# 115 anti-reverse dog

Fits Penn 115L, 115L2, and 115L-LH


Penn Senator 116A (10/0) and 116L (12/0) Prt#15-116/A-CC anti-reverse dog 

Fits Penn 116A(10/0), 116(12/0), and 116L-LH


Penn Senator 117 & 118 (14/0 & 16/0) Prt# 15-117CC anti reverse dog

Fits Penn117L, 117L-LH, and 118


Penn Anti-Reverse Dogs

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