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These Acrylic handles are truely one of a kind customs! Because each blank is different, every handle will have a different look. The pictures represent an approximation of what the handles will look like, but you are not buying the exact handle pictured.


Each handle comes with stainless steel hardware to mount to almost all handle arms out there. The kit comes complete with the handle grip in a color of your choice as well as a handle shaft ready to mount to arms with a 3/16" minimum hole size.


Please note: handle arms not included.

If you would like us to put together a complete handle assembly, please use the contact page and let us know what you want.


Contact us if you would like us to do the install. No charge, but we do ask you to pay for shipping your handle arm to us.


So a word of caution about acrylic...... While it is strong and make beautiful handles, acrylic does not like harsh chemicals! Acrylic will melt and become opaque if contacted with common chemicals on your reel bench. Acetone, brake cleaner, naphta, etc.. So take care to keep these handles away from harsh chemicals.

Acrylic Handle Grip (Blues & Purples)

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