Cortez Conversions Bridge Assembly Tool

Tool Options
  • These tools screw down on the gear sleeve to keep the bridge assembly snug during assembly. With this tool in place, the drag washers and drag discs won't pop up over the edge of the main gear. Especially the eared washers!

    The Silver anodized Tool is for Penn reels that use the 98-60 gear sleeves with 13/32-24(coarse) threads.


    The Black anodized Tool is for Penn gear sleeves with 13/32-32(fine) threads. These are for all smaller Penn reels that use the 98-155, and 98-200 gear sleeves, and will also work on All Newell Gear Sleeves.


    The Purple anodized tool is for Penn and original Pro Gear Reels that use 98-320 gear sleeve.